Discover And Contact Two Ian Beardsley


Published: May 16th 2014


33 pages


Discover And Contact Two  by  Ian Beardsley

Discover And Contact Two by Ian Beardsley
May 16th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 33 pages | ISBN: | 4.14 Mb

Ian Beardsley has found an enigmatic occurrence of nine-fifths and five thirds in the Universe, and showed how they are Yin and Yang, the opposite compliments of one another. He has further shown how nine-fifths, through the universe and nature unifies the two most sacred ratios of mathematics, pi, and the golden ratio.

This work has resulted in his Neptune Equation, which seems to indicate that the planet Neptune holds a valuable clue pertaining to the success of the Earth. This is treated in his books, The Book Of Two, Europia, and Astronomia Flamenca.He has also discovered that extraterrestrials may have left their thumbprint in our physics. He has found what seems to be an extraterrestrial message embedded in our physics and when he calculates where it came from, he finds it is in the same region of space, Sagittarius, as the SETI Wow! Signal, which was the one signal The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence found that had everything they thought would be in a message.

You can read about it in his books: The Uranus Enigma, Files U and E, Seti: Another Signal In Sagittarius, and All That Can Be Said.Other work has been the discovery of a growth rate constant for human progress that coincides with the golden ratio conjugate reduced by a factor of ten, and the novelty rating for the year humans landed on the moon in the Sheliak version of the McKenna Timewave. This growth rate constant seems to suggest that humans will have hyperdrive (starships) in the year 2043. See Fiction-Reality Entanglement: Levinson, Asimov, And Clarke.He has found evidence in support of the idea that extraterrestrials left their thumbprint in our physics (An Extraterrestrial Analysis) and a possible message from extraterrestrials embedded in our physics (An Extraterrestrial Message).

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